COVID-19 Updates/ Phase 3

Advent Health is here to help!!!

Required Face Covering 

June 25, 2020 10:30 AM
Orange County Executive Order Number 2020-25: Required Face Covering Jerry L. Demings, County Mayor of Orange County, Florida, acting as the Director of Emergency Management, promulgate the following Emergency Executive Order. Emergency Executive Order Number 2020-25 Regarding COVID-19 and Requiring Face Coverings was signed on June 24, 2020 at 1:50 PM. This Order shall become effective upon execution and shall supersede Emergency Executive Order Number 2020-23. This Order will remain in effect throughout the State of Local Emergency pursuant to COVID-19, unless earlier rescinded.

Our most vulnerable community members are being asked to continue to take proper precautions.  Essential businesses set to serve customers are restaurants, with outdoor seating options and retail space.  The CDC recommendations are still a mandate.   Schools, will remain open with the virtual option until otherwise.  
Visit our City's website by clicking the link below for updates!     

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Public Safety ..and Education 

Fire rescue and Police safety are taking the proper measures and utilizing PPE, sterilization, and decon of all transport vehicles.  Planning and response guides have been updated and daily temperature checks are ensuring a healthy staff.  Constant communication with Orange county EOC, Medical Directors, and Advent Health as well as communication with other responding stations surrounding the community.  Tracking management systems are in place to analyze the cost necessary to continue our responses and any future responses related to this pandemics in order to keep our community members healthy and safe.    

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Acts Of Kindness 

During this pandemic, there's no better time than now to help someone in desperate need.  The news-media makes mention of the "vulnerable" quite often: your elderly neighbor or relative- with potentially underlying conditions, that could make them more susceptible to the virus, the physically disabled, recently widowed or unemployed.  However that looks, lend a helping hand and don't forget, stay safe!       

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Want To Partner? 

Whether you're an established organization, product manufacturer creating solutions, or a business owner wanting to affect change during difficult times, considering partnering with us.  Visit Apopka is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.     

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Our City's Humble Beginnings.

The earliest known inhabitants of the Apopka area was over 100 years ago, and known as the Acuera people.  The Acuera were succeeded by refugees from Alabama and Georgia, who formed the new Seminole Indian tribe. They called the area Ahapopka. Aha, meaning "Potato," and papka, meaning "eating place".  The early American settlers built a major trading center on the foundations of the earlier Indian settlement. Their population was large enough by 1857 to support the establishment of a Masonic lodge. In 1859 the lodge erected a permanent meeting place at what is now the intersection of Main Street (U.S. Highway 441) and Alabama Avenue. In 1882, "The Lodge" or "Fudge Hall" was officially incorporated under the name "Town of Apopka City".

Former Mayor John Land bronze statue, est 2017.  

"We think it's time"- Apopka City Commissioner, Billie Dean 

Teacher Marie Gladden in1923, and Wheatley Elementary school Principal in1970. 

Big city dreams come true!

Apopka is known for the revitalizing of rich human history and turning it into something bold for the world to admire.  From our beautiful historic venues, plush golf courses, annual festivals, hometown hero's, all-american sporting teams, foliage farms, prime real estate, corporate headquarters, and our robust evangelical clergy communities, this city is the definition of a "melting pot".    

CEO, Patsy W. Beckett and "Inside Edition" Producer Christopher Dukas at the Apopka Highland Manor venue hall. 

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